• “I like to horseback ride, bicycle, kayak and travel. Chandler Collins has helped me greatly. I had a rather nasty accident while horseback—injured my neck and was knocked unconscious. Chandler helped me get back on my feet... literally.”

    Melissa Zapp

  • “As an athlete, injuries are something that have become part of my life. For the past two years I have been a patient of Dr. Collins, and with his help have been able to keep my body as healthy and injury-free as possible. I attribute any and all of the success I've had in sports the past two years to the peace of mind that good health has given me. Dr. Collins method is methodical and effective. I would recommend him to anyone dealing with injuries.”

    Kevin Marcotte
    2011 1st Team All-CenTex Kicker
    2011 Class 4A Football State Champion
    2012 2nd Team All-State Kicker
    2013 1st Team All-State Rugby
    2013 Rugby State Champion

  • “Chandler helped me unravel over ten years of injuries so that I could ride pain-free. Then, he helped me get the most performance out of my body than ever before by also providing nutritional guidance and testing. Without Chandler, I’m not sure that I would ever consider setting the high goals that I do now.” “Whether I’m coming in for just a little ”tune-up” to aid in recovery or to help fix some injury that I’ve subjected myself to, Chandler’s approach is always methodic, realistic, and successful."

    Jed Rogers

  • “I saw Chandler after an injury from falling down a set of stairs that sent me to the emergency room. I had lots of back pain with severe bruising and it was painful to do twisting action. This affected most of my hobbies and daily activities (Swing/Lindy Hop dancing, yoga, rowing, drumming, and gardening). I no longer have any pain and feel better than before the thanks to Dr. Collins. All of my favorite activities have improved, especially gardening and dancing. He has also helped me prevent injuries with my new activities. I was commonly struggling with lower back pain before the accident from long periods of standing, and now that is now gone as well—bonus! I currently see Chandler for “tune-ups” and anytime that I tweek myself during an activity.”

    Mary Bakatsa